Stick RPG 2 Review

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-Do not let the fact that this is a stick game, fool you! You are a stick character, but not one to be reckoned with!
-The game starts out with you mysteriously “falling”, as if in a crazy dream. You somehow fall and land into a mysterious 2 Dimensional world called “Paper Thin City”. 2D city called Paper Thin? Ha! Anybody? Anybody? No? Alrighty then…
-Right when you land into this world you can start up the game and start wreaking havoc!…..okay, okay, or start doing good for the community, if that’s what you’re into.
-This game lets you live your fantasy and do things you would be scared to do in real life. Investing, gambling, getting in the boxing ring with a champ, and even things that almost everyone fears. Like studying.

What Is The Mission?:
-Everyone needs a target to hit right? A goal to reach. Your goal in this game is to find your way back home. To the dimension you belong in. To do this, you need to gain some reputation. Get some street cred homie. Solve all of the mysteries the city has to offer, and make connections with different people.
-Along the way, you gain money and net worth, special skills. the ability to navigate better and find needed items, and many more things that build up your character.
Game Controls:
-Use your arrow keys to do most of the work for you in this game. Or the W, A, S, and D keys. Whichever you prefer.
– Use the mouse for things such as closing out of instructions or statements that pop up, and to click on different characters and interact with them.
– And this is an RPG, so don’t forget you can even choose what you say to other characters and depict what role they play in your life.
I’m not even sure why you are still reading this, when you could be playing the most addictive game ever!

Happy Wheels – Where To Find It And What To Expect

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Happy Wheels is a popular browser game based on ragdoll physics. In the game, a wide variety of weird and interesting characters race through the many stages, often using unorthodox vehicles to do so. It has become somewhat notorious for the amount of in-game violence and also the wide proliferation of user generated content for the game. The tagline of Happy Wheels is: “Choose your inadequately prepared racer, and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory!”

Where To Find Happy Wheels?
Many gamers often find themselves confused and wondering about where exactly are they supposed to find Happy Wheels on the internet. Well, the official website for the game is While you may be able to find it elsewhere around, note that this site is the only place you´ll be able to play the full version of the game.

Game Instructions:
In most levels of the game, the objective is to arrive first at the finish line and / or collect tokens along the way. Game mechanics do vary quite a lot, depending on character, vehicle and stage. Overall, significant amounts of graphic violence are to be expected. For this reason, some people may find Happy Wheels demo a controversial and possible slightly disturbing game, especially for the young.

The game allows users to make replays of their attempts, as well as design their own custom game stages. This is a rather unique feature. It is good to remember many of the existing stages are indeed user generated, therefore you can always select a different one if you don´t like the one you´re in presently. Also, there are many playing abilities that are unique and exclusive to certain characters. It is recommended you get well acquainted with these before starting.

Game Controls :
Up: Accelerate
Down: Reverse
Right: Clockwise
Tilt Left: Counterclockwise Tilt
The following are the so-called “action buttons”. These will do different things depending on which character you have selected. For detailed explanations per character, do a quick online search to familiarize yourself with what they do.
Space Bar: Action Button
Shift: 2nd Action Button
Ctrl: 3rd Action Button

Also, pressing the letter Z will eject everybody currently inside the vehicle, and the letter C will change the visual perspective from the current one to the other person in the vehicle, whenever there are two characters inside at any given time.
Conclusion :
So. after reviewing the basics about this popular browser game, what can we say about Happy Wheels? I guess it is just one of those (awesome) games you either love or hate. Or maybe, people love TO hate it. Either way, you are never gonna run out of characters, stages and content with this game. One word of advice, though: be aware of what you are getting into. It is an extremely graphic and violent game, so if you´re easily offended by such materials, probably you´d be better off playing something else. That being said… go forth and enjoy Happy Wheels!

Tackle Your Boredom With Return Man 4

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Tackle Your Boredom With Return Man 4We all love football, but not everyone can make it to be a pro-footballer and achieve Superbowl glory. Thanks to Return Man 4 you can relive the thrills of being a top football star on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone. It’s a completely free game made by ESPN, and who knows more about sporting thrills and spills for them? Unusually for this sort of game, you play the defensive rather than offensive player, but this makes it even more fun as you crunch everything in your path to stop the opposition reaching the end zone.

In Return Man 4 you play the one defensive lynchpin whose job it is to stop the opposition scoring a try. As the game progresses however, you’ll find that you get other team mates around you, so you can make your strategies more complex. Look out for the opponent carrying the ball. All you have to do is run towards him and tackle him before he can score a touch down. Sounds simple, huh? Think again, because there are lots of other offensive players trying to stop you getting to the enemy. If they catch you first you’ll have to shake and fight them off before you can resume your pursuit of the ball carrier. You’ll get five lives to score as many points as you can, and the challenge gets harder as you progress through the levels.

The controls of the game Return Man 4 are very straight forward, which is one of the factors that makes it such fun to play. Move your defensive man up and down the screen using the I and K keys, and move left and right using J and L; alternatively, you can use the arrow keys. The Space key is all important as that executes a diving tackle. Later on, if you do well, you’ll be able to unlock the special moves Swim [A], Shuck [S], and Bull Rush [D].

If you’ve played earlier versions of this game, then you’ll need no encouraging to try out the latest incarnation. Put simply, Return Man 4 has to be one of the best football games out there, and best of all it’s completely free. The graphics are great and the movement is fluid. You may find it a little difficult at first, but you’ll soon find that the controls become intuitive. You’ll find yourself coming back for more and more, especially as the difficulty level keeps on increasing. If you’re looking for the New England Patriots of the Flash game world, you’ve just found a game that delivers a true champion’s performance. If you wish to play previous version of the game (RETURN MAN 3) please follow the link.

Storm the House flash game review

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Storm the House flash game reviewMaybe it’s time for you to go and check out this one of a kind flash game called Storm The House 3. It’s possible that you’ve heard of this game before, since there are other installations for this game (like Storm the House 1 and 2), you can be assured that this part of the flash game series, Storm the House is by far the best one created.

Storm The House 3 has shown some major improvement from the other game series. The weapons are remarkable, the graphics are astounding and one of the greatest parts of this game is: It has loads more of mini games that you can play. The flash game, Storm The House 3 surely stands out from the rest of the other games that revolve around ‘defend-the-base’ type of games and has a large amount of cheat codes that are crazy and a whole lot of fun!huge fight

The game play for Storm The House 3 might sound like a normal defense game and it’s very rare for a game to be too exciting or too original. With some games, there will be a point where you’d find yourself bored and just give up. Though with this flash game, you can be assured that no such thing is possible in this game. When you start playing this, you can find yourself and your house in the middle of some dessert. Then, you can upgrade your wall and have it repaired so that would hold back your enemies, upgrade the gun men that shoot down enemies and you can even buy your own weapon. Just the sound of it can be enough to say that this is a lot of fun.

Storm The House 3 has a large amount or weapons you can choose from as well as have different kinds of enemies. Sadly, you can only choose 2 different weapons in the field of battle.

From outside the battlefield, you can shoot your enemies down with the help of your cursor. There are auto shotguns, shot guns, gravity gun, flamethrowers and orbital cannon. One great thing about this is; you have the option to upgrade your weapons clips so you can enhance your weapons destructive power and range.

In this game, you have secondary defenses and these are known as the towers that you set up and built around your house. You have the choice to build shield generator towers, flamethrower, rocket, laser and many others. The down side of this is you can only have three towers set up so you need to make sure that you use these wisely.

It certainly is something you might find yourself addicted to since everything around this game is well done. The graphics are great; the sound effects are terrific since it gives you more of a feel to the whole set up of the game itself and the huge variety of mini games, enemies and weapons you can use makes everything a whole new experience that you will surely enjoy.