Holmsford Bridge

These pages are provided to keep members updated on club business throughout the season. Anyone requiring more information regarding the club please contact the secretary by email at bigtroot@aol.com

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New Members Welcome

This seasons prices will remain the same as 2011. A full season Dreghorn A.C. permit now costs less than a day on many stillwater fisheries.

ADULT SEASON purchased at a sale of ticket nights - £25 - In the Townend Community Centre, Dreghorn on Friday 24th February, Friday 2nd March and Friday 9th March from 7.30pm till 9.00pm.

ADULT SEASON purchased after 9th of March 2011 - £30 - From the outlets listed below.

O.A.P. - £5

JUNIOR aged 10 - 16, £5

JUNIOR under 10 - free, but in the interest of safety should be accompanied by an adult.

DAY TICKET - £5 - From the outlets listed below.

All Dreghorn permits are available from Dreghorn Post Office, Alyson's Flowers, Bank Street, Irvine and Drybridge Stores.


Catch returns are a vital part of fishery management as well as a legal requirement regarding migratory fish. All members are asked to send their catch returns (even nil returns) to the secretary by post, email or phone by the 20th November each year.


Dreghorn A.C. water on the Rivers Annick and Irvine


New members or day ticket anglers coming to fish Dreghorn A.C. water on the Irvine are advised to access the river at the following places. Park at Drybridge on the B 730 and follow the small path down to the bridge carrying the large black pipe. From here it is a short walk upstream to Drybridge Dam pool. On the B 730 between Drybridge and Dreghorn just past Holms Farm a small road on the right leads through a wood to the Holms Bridge. There are a few nice runs that hold plenty of trout in this area. Nearing Dreghorn the Holmsford (Red) Bridge takes the B 730 across the river and just downstream from here are more streams and pools. Turn left at Drybridge onto Shewalton Road and drive about three quarters of a mile. Directly across from the GlaxoSmithkline (Beechams) factory is a large parking area that leads to the Bogie Bridge. The river is slower here but is also sheltered and good sport can be had with dry fly. If you continue past GlaxoSmithkline to the roundabout and turn right onto Longdrive (the B7080) cars can be parked on the verge at the White Bridge and there is a path that leads back upstream towards Shewalton Dam and the Bogie Bridge.

When the season starts on March 15th there are plenty of stockies around and these are quite easy to catch. Anglers should always consider returning these fish to the river until they become a little more streetwise. At this time Large Dark Olives will be hatching at intervals during the day and trout soon switch on to this early season food source. Into April and then May olives will still be on the menu and wets such as Partridge and Orange, Greenwells Spider and Gold Ribbed Hares Ear will do the trick. As the weather warms up in May good hatches of Black Gnat and then the larger Hawthorn Fly keep fish looking up and dry fly can be spectacular when these flies are on the water. During June and July water levels can be low and it is better to fish in the evenings. Sedge hatches on certain nights bring fish up that are not usually seen during the day and a ginked up Balloon Caddis can be deadly cast in and around Water Crowfoot weed beds.

Any spates in August will bring the first runs of grilse upstream. Bait fishing for salmon has almost disappeared with the favoured methods now spinning lures like Tobies and Flying Condoms. Fly fishing is always popular and the Stoats Tail family of flies do well in the Irvine. September is the best month for salmon and as the month draws to a close large trout are taken on spinners and big flies fished by salmon anglers. Brown trout fishing finishes on the 6th October and sea trout at the end of October. Sea trout numbers have plummeted in recent years and although not mandatory anglers are asked to return any sea trout they catch in the hope that numbers can recover to their former levels. Salmon fishing on the Dreghorn A.C. water ends on the 14th November and anglers are asked to return fish that are not freshly run at this time of year. The club has over five miles of mostly double bank fishing on the Irvine.



Dreghorn Angling Club would like to thank the Howie Management Group for their gift to the club of around a mile of water on the River Annick. This stretch has been added to the permit and runs from the A735 road bridge at Stewarton downstream for just over a mile. This new stretch of club water is shaded black in the map below. We now have access to over eight miles of fishing on the Annick.

The latest addition to club fishings on the Annick at Stewarton

Ross McKeen with a 12:08 salmon from Gibson's Pool near Drybridge



Once again the club the club sourced their brown trout from Welham Park Fish Farms in Yorkshire and Bob Booth did not let us down. 630 top quality fin perfect fish were introduced to the Annick and Irvine at various points on both rivers at the end of February. High coloured water helped to spread the new stockies out and they are well spread throughout the Irvine and from Middleton downstream on the Annick. Hopefully predators such as cormorants and otters will not take too many of our fish before members get a chance to catch a few. Below are a some pictures of the stocking taking place and the committee would like to thank everyone who turned up to help on the day.








Former Ayrshire Rivers Trust biologist Brian Shaw with a nice bright grilse aroud the 5lb mark from Dreghorn A.C. water on the River Irvine














Club secretary Tam Campbell with a 9lb fish from between the No.11 and the Carmel Mouth. Fishing on his own for trout with 3lb nylon, a size 12 Balloon Caddis and no landing net it was 35 minutes before this fish could be tailed out.